TELEVISION’S FIRST ROYAL SCREENING OF THE LIFESTYLES OF SUCCESSFUL AND COLORFUL ACHIEVERS. “Color It Success” is a history making, timely, years in the making, sophisticated, global-centric, upbeat television and media project, putting the spotlight on Colorful Achievers.

Kenny “the Jet” Smith

Helping to enhance the rules for the future of officiating in the NBA

Congratulations to our Role Model-Kenny “the” Jet Smith!! The NBA has made another right move by including you in an exclusive process. Read More

A MOST OUTSTANDING Color It Success Reality

Civil Rights Icon Congressman John Lewis
Accepts Diamond Award from Shirley Calloway

Congressman John Lewis relentlessly advocates for the rights and concerns of the American People and all of humanity. He’s a tireless Egalitarian and the Color It Success Reality that helped to spawn the documentations of the enduring legacies of Colorful Achievers, for the Historic Color It Success media phenomenon.

Dr Deborah Wilson Umanzor

Dr. Deborah Wilson-Umanzor

An outstanding, established and fabulous Color It Success reality. A dynamic Role Model, Dr. Umanzor is one of the World’s leading Ophthalmologist. Her state of the art successful “Eye One” practice is located in Washington, D. C.

Dr. Wilson-Umanzors’ beautiful successful lifestyle and Success story interview will be showcased in the Color It Success Broadcasts and Multi-Media productions.


Simone Biles World Renown Gold medalist

Super Talented Simone, an incredibly talented 19-year-old gymnastics genius from Texas is now the most dynamic female gymnast in the World. Congratulations Simone, you live a “Color It Success Lifestyle”. We salute you for bringing home all that gold from Rio 2016, and for being the Role Model you are to the world.

Luisito Quintero

Luisito Quintero

Luisito is an accomplished music arranger, producer, percussionist and multi award winner.

The warm spirited, magical, Color It Success reality, Luisito Quintero started following in the footsteps of his dad at the age of three. Now a world renown musical genius, Luisito has evolved to world renown proportions, entertaining people around the globe with his phenomenal talents, abilities and recordings.

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