About CIS Achievers Network Inc.

A not for profit arm of Shirlevision Productions and “Color It Success”

  • The CIS Achievers Network is a not for profit organization arm of Shirlevision Productions that’s designed out of the NEED to improve the images of people of color in the media by creating exciting, “integritaining” and “edutaining” cross culture media programs.
  • CIS Achievers Network encourages, inspires and motivates families’ youth and young adults to live a “going somewhere in life mindset”, develop positive lifestyles and reach for Success.
  • CIS Achievers Network promotes sophisticated lifestyles and attitudes to help shape life long sustaining positive images.
  • CIS Achievers Network Mentors Urban Americans and single parent households especially on keeping hope, direction and purpose at the forefront of positive attitudes.
  • CIS Achievers Network Supports single parents with powerful knowledge that will help them to take and keep control of their households and give more attention and bring better cohesiveness to their families.
  • CIS Achievers Network will featured bi-monthly mentoring and motivational newsletters on the CIS page of the Color It Success website, including answers to questions posed by young achievers and others on moving ahead in life successfully.
  • CIS Achievers Network Provides scholarship dollars to verifiable qualified folks who show growth and positive development in their quest and dreams.
  • CIS Achievers Network Features stories of Successful Accomplished Achievers and their formulas for Success.
  • CIS Achievers Network Includes Established Achievers of Corporations who extend advantages (TBD), to individuals carrying the Prestigious, Official
    “C I SUCCESS CARD” provided to fans who requests membership through email on our C I Success page at Coloritsuccess.com
  • Beginning August 25th 2015.
  • CIS Achievers Network encourages Corporate Achievers to provide promotional gifts and materials for “C I Success Card” holders.
  • CIS Achievers Network will impact success bound members with Powerful Affirmations that will be posted permanently at coloritsuccess.com
  • CIS Achievers Network members and the general public are entertained and motivated with informative content, contests, games and prizes while using every opportunity to encourage, OPEN ENDED.
Updated: June 23, 2016 — 6:09 pm
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