Diamond Award Winners

A MOST OUTSTANDING Color It Success Reality

Civil Rights Icon Congressman John Lewis
Accepts Diamond Award from Shirley Calloway

Congressman John Lewis relentlessly advocates for the rights and concerns of the American People and all of humanity. He’s a tireless Egalitarian and the Color It Success Reality that helped to spawn the documentations of the enduring legacies of Colorful Achievers, for the Historic Color It Success media phenomenon.
willie-garyOne of the most SUCCESSFUL ATTORNEYS’ on the Planet…..
Willie E. Gary: Legal Eagle and “Color It Success” reality, supersedes at his craft in grand style against corporate giants of the highest order. An Exemplary “Color It Success” Reality! Not only because of his most recent $23 billion Settlement from the Tobacco Giants.

Gary has held “Court” against World “Giants” for years now, succeeding in the legal field against huge odds. Willie Gary again wows the world. His aim to help people through his genius, scores the “Color It Success” Diamond Award recognition.

Willie Gary’s illustrative and Positive Lifestyle is featured on the up and coming series of “Color It Success” Television Specials. “His journey is amazing and filled with Bliss”, exclaims Shirley Calloway.

A Man of character, tenacity and Success, Willie Gary came to “play” and “play” big, when he set out to be the legal eagle he is today, and have now for years succeed at HELPING PEOPLE through his craft.
Willie E. Gary another “Color It Success” “Diamond Award” Recipient!small_diamond
lebron-jamesCould LeBron be on the trail of Michael Jordan? It’ll be fun watching the magic unfold.

LeBron and Miami Heat Cohorts DWAYNE WADE AND CHRIS BOSH are on their way TO A THREE PEAT? It’s all possible.
kevin-durantKevin Durant, another Color It Success Diamond Award recipient. The NBA has not seen a better person than that of Kevin Durant. His Gentile personality, heart- warming tender-like demeanor is Kevin the man. However his prowess, dogma, tenacity, focus and precision on the courts of the NBA Arenas for the Oklahoma Thunder he’s making thunderous acclaims for his team. All of which moved his team to the NBA Playoffs. A Role Model indeed and recipient of the “Color It Success Diamond Award” A mothers wish is that her children succeed in life with the heart and love for his family, Kevin’s Mom got her wish and much more in Kevin.

chris-paulChris Paul and his Los Angeles Clippers demonstrated remarkable prowess again this NBA basketball season with championship style and Champion maker Coach Doc Rivers steering his young, aspiring, upwardly mobile body of talented individuals to NBA playoffs game 6, where they were defeated by Kevin Durant and his thunderous OKC team. Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s alleged racist remarks gone viral had no bearing on Role Model – Chris Paul and the Clippers spirit and determination. Clippers fans are left with big hopes and enthusiasm for next season. Hats off and the “Color It Success Diamond Award” to the LA Clippers

lupita-nyong'oLupita Nyong’o another Color It Success Diamond Award Winner.
Congratulations again and again Lupita. Oscar Winning actress Lupita Nyong’o named the first Black Brand Ambassador for Lancôme Cosmetics. The 31year old Kenyan native among other things has graced 60 RED Carpets and counting.

Lupita will be fabulously gracing the cover of the July issue of Vogue Magazine. Congrats Lupita, keep on succeeding.small_diamond

kawhi-leonardKawhi Leonard of the San Antonio Spurs another Diamond Award Winner for his MVP Award as the third youngest player to earn the distinguished NBA honor.

magic-johnsonEarvin “Magic” Johnson – Upon acquiring the nick name “Magic” I wonder if those who gave him the label “Magic” knew that his excellence and crafts would reach phenomenal heights, Multiple NBA championships, a Philanthropist, Cable TV network owner, “Aspire”, Major league Baseball team owner, (LA Dodgers), Business mogul, Role Model, Super Dad, Fabulous Husband, Dynamic leader and maybe even someday the next African American President of the United States. “HELLO”. Magic Johnson another “Color It Success Diamond Award winner.

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