Shirley’s Story

Chasing her Dream through a triumphant Lifestyle

retouchedShirley Calloway is a Dream Chaser who had huge odds against her. She came from humble beginnings but with a burning desire to be successful. She set out many years ago with the determination and ambition to track down and document the positive lifestyles, and formulas for success of Super Achievers. Shirley yearned to understand the minds of Achievers, how they became successful, their formulas, principles and practices for accomplishing their dreams. After interviewing super-achievers from various backgrounds, she now applies the knowledge and findings to her own life.

Shirley’s relentless pursuit of her dream has lead to the production of historic, global media television broadcast programs. Featured are real life success stories of Role Models and Super Achievers. People, who have driven, positive and fabulous lifestyles and succeeding, even with odds against them.

Shirley’s development of the broadcast phenomenon dubbed, “Color It Success” has received the Gold seal of excellence from the Hollywood Film and Television Advisory Committee. “Color It Success” is a sophisticated, life changing, high energy, “edutaining” program. A “dream fueling machine” that educates and inspires people to “Dream Their Lives, Then Live That Dream” to a successful, blissful and purpose driven dance with life.

Shirley’s fun and beautiful journey privileged her to document success stories of Astronauts, Brain Surgeons, Athletes, Entertainers, Celebrities, and ordinary people doing extraordinary things, to name a few. All of whom helped to shape her mind for success. This unique, timely and hot concept is designed to now motivate others, through tried and true real life success stories. The audience will learn how they too can live a “Color It Success Lifestyle” and succeed regardless of their background or circumstances.

“Color It Success” inspires the world to “DREAM THEIR LIVES then LIVE THAT DREAM”. Shirley’s story is also now living proof.

Updated: March 15, 2018 — 5:35 pm
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